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28 August 2017

Easier access to the Port of Vejle with Brobizz

With a Brobizz in the windscreen, trucks that need to access the restricted area at the Port of Vejle can now drive in and out without stopping.

A partnership between Brobizz A/S and the Port of Vejle means that access control support can now be controlled using a Brobizz device instead of access cards and remote control, and 42 companies have already signed up for the scheme. Their trucks now have faster, easier access to the port site when collecting or dropping off freight. The same scheme has already been in use at the Port of Aarhus and the Port of Kolding since 2014.

Easier access, easier administration

Knud Vang Nielsen, Port Director at the Port of Vejle, is expecting great things from the Brobizz solution.

“For the 42 customers we already have, this solution has given them faster, easier access to the port site while also significantly facilitating administration at the gates,” says Knud Vang Nielsen.

Companies wishing to register their Brobizz scheme have to get in touch with the Port of Vejle directly, as the port itself deals with administration of access control.

The same Brobizz for access control and payment

The agreement with Port of Vejle is an important element in the Brobizz strategy of extending the number of locations where customers can use a Brobizz.

“For our business customers, being able to use the same automated method of payment in a number of locations in Denmark presents a clear advantage. That’s why we’re always working on entering into new agreements that can make life easier for our business customers,” says Mette Berthelsen, Head of Sales & Marketing at Brobizz A/S.

“Using Brobizz for access control at ports gives our customers the opportunity to enter and exit the ports easily without stopping. Customers avoid having to wait, and the ports achieve operational savings and have the opportunity to increase capacity,” says Mette Berthelsen.

Besides access control for ports, the same Brobizz can be used as a method of payment on a wide range of ferry crossings, toll roads and bridges in Scandinavia, and the solution also includes airport parking at Copenhagen Airport.


Country: Denmark
Language: English

Country: Denmark
Language: English