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How BroBizz® works

BroBizz guarantees you swift and secure payment on bridges and ferries, and at other automatic tollbooths.

Inside your BroBizz there is an aerial, which transmits a unique BroBizz number to the tollbooths you pass through. When the tollbooth has received the number, the toll barrier lifts and you can drive through without waiting.

The amount is then deducted on the debit/credit card, which you have associated with the BroBizz in question. You can always view your payments in “My Account”.

If the debit/credit card is not valid, in some places there is a risk that the toll bar will not lift. Elsewhere you may later receive a bill. That is why it is important always to keep your debit/credit card updated in “My Account”.

Set BroBizz correctly

For the tollbooth to pick up your BroBizz's signal quickly, it is important to position it correctly:

  • Place your BroBizz in the holder, which you receive with your BroBizz.
  • In private cars: install the holder on the front windscreen, as close as possible to the rear-view mirror.
  • In lorries and coaches: install the holder about 10 cm above the lower edge of the windscreen.