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How do we log in and out?

How to log in

To log in to your profile, you must enter one of the following in the field at the top:

Customer number

Your customer number can be found in the email confirmation that you received when you ordered your bizz, bizz for Europe or number plate payment. It is also shown on your payment specifications and payment requests.

Bizz number

A 16-digit number that you’ll find on the narrow long side of your bizz. On your invoice, this is also called an ID number and typically starts with 9208.


This can only be used if your email address is unique. If you have the same email address for a number of accounts, you can log in with your customer number, the number of your bizz, your ID number or your user name, if you’ve created one.

User name:

You can set up your own user name. This might make it easier to remember. This is done after you log in, under this menu item:

Please be aware

If you check the ‘Remember me’ box when you login, you can agree to allow us to use cookies to save your login details on the My Account login page. This means you won’t have to enter your login information going forward every time you visit

How to log out

If you want to log out of My Account, click on ‘Logout’ next to the tabs:
You’ll be logged out of My Account automatically after 15 minutes if there’s no activity on the page.


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Country: Denmark
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Country: Denmark
Language: English