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How can we tell whether our bizz or number plate is active?

My Account provides a list of all the agreements (payment with bizz or number plate) that you have with us. Remember, you must be logged in – have a look here for information on how to do so.

Your options

When you’ve logged in to My Account, you can click on the green ‘View agreements’ button to go directly to your agreement list.
You can also find your agreement list as follows: Go to the ‘My agreements’ menu item, then click on ‘Agreement list’.

The agreement list shows information such as which number plates you’ve linked, the car make/model, reference (if you’ve given your agreement a name), payment method and the status of the product in question (active/inactive).

Do you have a special agreement (local agreement)? 

A special agreement/local agreement is an agreement that you may have entered into with one of our partners in order get a discount on your crossings or pay with bizz for example.

You can view special agreements in the agreement list linked to your bizz by downloading it. Find out more about partners and local agreements here.

When you’re under ‘My agreements’, click on the green ‘Download agreement list’ button. You can download it as a PDF or Excel file. Don’t forget to click on ‘OK’.

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Country: Denmark
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Country: Denmark
Language: English