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How does the commuter discount work on the Storebælt Bridge?

If you make more than 14 trips across the Storebælt Bridge in 30 days, a Storebælt Commuter Agreement may be worthwhile.

A Storebælt Commuter Agreement allows you to cross the Storebælt Bridge as often as you need during the period you have paid for. The price for a van less than 6 meters is DKK 2,688 for 30 days.

You need a bizz from Brobizz to get the Communter Agreement.

Read more about the prices here

Order via the Brobizz app

You can buy and update your agreement in the Brobizz app, so you have easy access to your agreement from your phone. Orders open from 10 November 2021, but if you don’t already have the Brobizz app, you can download it here.

Manage your commuting periods yourself. You have two options:

  • If you select “auto-renew”, your agreement will renew automatically every 30 days.
  • If you select “manual renewal”, you can manage your commuting periods yourself, which can be 30 to 60 days.

You can order Storebælt Commuter when you have a bizz from Brobizz A/S.

You can also order by contacting us at +45 70 80 80 81 or via e-mail at (Heavy vehicle) or (Light vehicle). Please have your customer number ready when you contact us.

Important information!

Always make sure the vehicle you’ve registered to the commuter agreement is the same as the vehicle you use to drive through the toll booth.

How does auto-renewal work?

Auto-renewal ensures that your commuter agreement is renewed automatically every 30 days. The new validity period starts the day after the previous validity period ends.

How does manual renewal work?

You can choose to have a 30 to 60-day commuter agreement. The earliest start date you can choose is today’s date. When the period ends, your commuter agreement will stop and you must remember to renew it if you still want to have a Storebælt Commuter agreement.

Can I change my vehicle during my commuting period?

Cars need to visit the workshop from time to time, and unforeseen things can happen. The new Storebælt Commuter allows you to change your vehicle twice during each commuter period, such as to and from a replacement car while yours is in the workshop. It’s important that you remember to update the vehicle details for your agreement, regardless of whether you're changing car for a day or a week.

Can I get a commuter discount with a number plate payment?

No, you can't link Storebælt Commuter to a number plate payment. Only to a bizz.

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Country: Denmark
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