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How do we find specifications/trip summaries relating to usage charged to a payment card?

You won’t receive invoices from us if you have a business agreement where your usage is charged to a linked payment card. If you need a receipt or documentation for your accounts, you can download a specification or trip summary via My Account as follows:

  1. Log in to My Account with the account for which you want a specification
  2. Go to the “Payments” menu item and select “Specification” from the top menu

You’ll then be able to view your specifications. A PDF icon will be available if they’ve been created. If no PDF icon is available, you can create a specification for the required month using the “Print specification” function.

When a month or period has been selected, the “Download” button is enabled and you can create a specification in PDF format. Your personal browser setting determines whether the PDF file created is downloaded to the computer you’re using, or just displayed in your browser.

Specifications are generated on a monthly basis. The previous month’s usage is listed in a specification at the start of a new month. If you need documentation for one or more trips before the monthly specification is generated, you can create a trip summary. Please be aware that trip summaries do not have VAT specified.

How to download and save trips is described here.

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Country: Denmark
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Country: Denmark
Language: English