How to order and fit a EuroBizz

This page contains practical information that you need for ordering, fitting and using your EuroBizz.

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Documents required for ordering a EuroBizz

  • The registration certificate documenting ownership of the vehicle. 
  • Identification of the number plate associated with the model and the owner. 
  • An EU community licence (if the vehicle is registered in an EU country), documenting that the vehicle is being used for public transport or transport of goods.
  • Supporting documentation proving that the vehicle complies with the minimum CO2 emission limits that apply to the EURO III class. The document must be valid and issued in the country where the vehicle is registered. 

How to fit a Eurobizz

We recommend connecting your EuroBizz to the vehicle’s electric circuit. As a general rule, this has to be done at a workshop. The device also functions if connected to the cigarette lighter socket in the vehicle, but experience shows that the main cause of device errors is a lack of power caused by this type of installation.

Installation guidelines are included when you receive your EuroBizz.

Vehicle Declaration 

The Vehicle Declaration (VD) that goes with the individual EuroBizz is supplied together with the device.  You must always keep it together with your EuroBizz.

In Austria you must present your Vehicle Declaration at the request of the authorities. On Storebælt and Øresund you need it if your EuroBizz isn't working – you show your Vehicle Declaration, and the PAN number on the declaration will be read instead of your device.  

If you have to change the number plate, emissions or energy class associated with your EuroBizz, you have to contact BroBizz. Once the changes have been made, you will receive a new VD. You cannot use your EuroBizz in the new vehicle until you have received the new VD; however, this only applies when driving in Austria and Scandinavia.