Here you can find answers to the most common questions about EuroBizz.

  • Where can I use EuroBizz?

    You can use EuroBizz in the following countries:

    Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany,  France, Italy,  Norway, Poland, Portugal and  Sweden.

    We expect Slovenia to be included in 2019.

    Check on the map where you can use EuroBizz and which countries we expect to be included in the near future

  • How do I order a EuroBizz?

    If you are already a customer of BroBizz A/S (and have one or more BroBizz devices), you order via My Account.

    The advantage of ordering via your existing customer agreement, i.e. through My Account, is that you get an overview of both your EuroBizz and your BroBizz consumption in the same place. If, for example, you already have a Storebælt Business agreement, your EuroBizz will automatically be linked to it.

    If you are not already a customer, contact us here and we will give you a call:

    Contact us

  • What are the prices and discounts?

    Prices and discounts vary considerably from one country to another and from one road section to another. You can find an overview under  Prices and discounts.

  • Do I have to pay a deposit for a EuroBizz?

    No, there is no deposit for a EuroBizz. However, it is an expensive device, and you must therefore return it to us if you don't use it.

  • How do I cancel my EuroBizz agreement?

    Send your EuroBizz to BroBizz A/S, and once we have received it, we will cancel your agreement. Please note that if the EuroBizz gets lost in the mail, you will have to pay DKK 1,725 in compensation.

  • What do I do if my EuroBizz doesn't work?

    Please contact BroBizz Customer Service, who will try to find out what is wrong with your EuroBizz. Until the error has been identified, you can still pay with your agreement on Storebælt and Øresund; you just present your Vehicle Declaration, and your EuroBizz PAN number will be entered manually.

  • Will I need to replace my EuroBizz, and how do I do it?

    If it turns out that your EuroBizz is no longer working, it must be replaced.

    We will send you a new EuroBizz as soon as possible. You must fit the new device as soon as you receive it and return the old device to us.

  • How do I block my EuroBizz?

    Send an e-mail to BroBizz Customer Service, and we will block it as soon as possible.

    Please be aware of the following:

      It may take up to three days for the blocking to take effect.

      If your Eurobizz is blocked for more than 60 days, it will be closed completely and cannot later be reopened.

      If we haven't had the device back within a total of 90 days, we will charge you DKK 1,725 in compensation.

  • I have been charged a wrong price. What do I do?

    Contact BroBizz Customer Service, tel.: +45 70 80 79 76.

    They will check whether a mistake has been made. Remember to have your EuroBizz number at hand when you call us.

  • Where can I see where the EuroBizz has been used?

    You can see it under My Account.

  • How do I fit a EuroBizz?

    Fitting instructions are included in the box with the EuroBizz.

  • What is a Vehicle Declaration?

    It is a declaration pertaining to the vehicle. You receive the Vehicle Declaration together with the EuroBizz, and you must always keep it in your vehicle together with the EuroBizz. If you encounter problems with your EuroBizz, you can find all necessary information on your Vehicle Declaration.

  • Can I order a EuroBizz for my private vehicle?

    Unfortunately, you cannot yet order a EuroBizz for your private vehicle.

  • Can we move a EuroBizz to another vehicle?

    Yes, you are allowed to do that. Remember to submit the relevant information about the new vehicle to BroBizz Customer Service.