In Norway, EuroBizz functions in exactly the same way and on the same terms as BroBizz Business for heavy vehicles. You can link the same discount agreements to EuroBizz as to BroBizz.

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EuroBizz covers all toll roads in Norway as well as the ferries Moss-Horten and Flakk-Rørvik. In addition, EuroBizz can also be used on the Svinesund Connection.

Payment system

The Norwegian system is a so-called free-flow system where you are not required to stop in order to pay.

Special conditions

It is a requirement in Norway that vehicles exceeding 3.5 tonnes have an electronic device fitted in the vehicle to pay the road toll. The device must be configured for the vehicle in which it is fitted. The Norwegian authorities impose heavy fines on vehicles that do not comply with requirements.

See map of toll stations in Norway