All vehicles over 3500 kg that drive in Norway for business purposes must be equipped with a valid OBE – e.g. BroBizz – when they are driving on public roads. This is quite simply a requirement by the Norwegian authorities.

If the company is a customer with BroBizz A/S and you are going to use BroBizz in Norway for vehicles over 3500 kg, each individual BroBizz must be updated with the following information about the vehicle in which it will be used:

  • Registration number
  • Vehicle type
  • Country code 

If a BroBizz is moved to another vehicle, these three details must be updated with BroBizz A/S. The easiest option is to log into My Account at and update the information there.

It is important to do this BEFORE taking the vehicle to Norway, and please be aware that it can take up to 36 hours from the date of registration or update with BroBizz before it is registered in Norway. 

If a BroBizz has not been updated with the correct information, the Norwegian authorities will charge a fee of NOK 8000, and for late payments and repeat occurrences the fee will increase significantly.

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Get the maximum discount on Norwegian roads with BroBizz

Many Norwegian toll stations offer discounts that are bigger than the EasyGo discount you automatically receive as a customer with BroBizz A/S. At BroBizz A/S we can guarantee that you receive the biggest possible discounts. 

To get the extra discounts, you need to sign up to the relevant agreement with BroBizz A/S. Contact us at or by phone at +45 70 20 70 49

More about the agreement

Environmental discount on the Oslo toll ring

In and around Oslo there are special rules for discounts on environmentally friendly vehicles. Newer lorries and buses with low fuel consumption (Euro 6 classification) are eligible to receive the discount. If you operate vehicles weighing more than 3500 kg, Euro 6 classification, which are driven in Norway, the vehicles must be registered in the BroBizz system, if you wish to claim the discount.

Write to BroBizz Customer Service – – with the following information:

  • Customer number
  • BroBizz number
  • Registration number
  • Country of registration
  • State that the vehicle in question is Euro 6 classification.

You will then be charged the correct price.