Here you CANNOT use BroBizz in vehicles weighing more than 3500 kg.

There are several places where you can use BroBizz in vehicles up to 3500 kg but NOT in vehicles weighing more than 3500 kg:

  • Scandlines Helsingør-Helsingborg
  • Scandlines Rødby-Puttgarden
  • Scandlines Gedser-Rostock
  • The Bøjden-Fynshav ferry
  • The Spodsbjerg-Tårs ferry
  • The Esbjerg-Nordby ferry
  • The Kalundborg-Ballen ferry
  • The Ystad-Rønne ferry
  • The Køge-Rønne ferry
  • The Læsø Ferry
  • Molslinjen – Odden-Aarhus,
  • Molslinjen – Odden-Ebeltoft
  • Airport parking Copenhagen
  • Airport parking Billund

Read more about how you can get the most out of your BroBizz in passenger and commercial vehicles (vehicles up to 3500 kg) under Where and how