Toll roads


In Belgium you can pay for all toll roads with your EuroBizz.

Payment system

Road toll is charged via a satellite system, and you pay per kilometre.

Special conditions

In Belgium, the EuroBizz does not make any sounds. The green light on your EuroBizz must always be on when driving in Belgium. If the green light is not on, and your EuroBizz therefore is not working correctly, the Belgian authorities will impose a fine, and the fine can be substantial.

PDF files with overviews of toll roads in the different Belgian regions are available on the Viapass website.

See overview of maps for download

The Liefkenshoek Tunnel


The EuroBizz can be used to pay in the Belgian Liefkenshoek Tunnel.

Payment system

At the toll booths you must choose one of the dedicated lanes, and payment will be registered automatically.