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New BroBizz options at Copenhagen Airport

You can now pay at all the airport’s car parks with your BroBizz. It’s easy and simple, and saves you time on both the outward and return journeys.

You can now drive directly into all of Copenhagen Airport’s car parks with BroBizz. All you have to do is take your car and your BroBizz to the airport on your next trip.

This is how it works

  1.  Place your BroBizz in the windscreen of your car
  2.  Drive up to the barrier at your preferred car park at CPH (right up to the barrier)
  3.  Drive into the car park and park the car

See the current drive-in prices for parking at the airport.

Your BroBizz is automatically read when you drive up to the barrier. When you drive out again, you will automatically be charged the applicable drive-in rate. The price for parking is deducted from your BroBizz when you leave the parking area. This saves you time when you need to go to and from the airport.

Available at all the car parks

So far this service has been available at car parks P1, P6, P8, P9 and P12. This technology has now been extended to ALL car parks at CPH, so that it also applies to P4, P5, P7, P10, P15 and P17.