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Automatic tolling solution makes life easier for Håkull's drivers and accounts department

No more manual payment and refunding of expenses

When Håkull's 50 HGVs drive to Norway, they have a bizz in the windscreen. “That makes it easier for drivers and our accounts department,” says Managing Director Leif Harding Jensen. He appreciates the partnership and is delighted to always be able to find fast competent help from Brobizz.

Awkward to pay on bridges and roads

Håkull’s biggest market is Norway, and payment on roads, bridges and ferries is part of the job. So not having an automatic tolling solution can make life difficult.

“Our drivers used to have a payment card or cash and had to stop at the barriers and terminals to pay. When they reached home, they had to fill in a report and then had their expenses refunded by us. It was a lot of work for the accounts department to collect all the receipts and make refunds to the drivers,” explains Leif Harding Andersen, the Managing Director of Håkull since the company started in Nørresundby in 2008.

“We used e-booking on the Great Belt Bridge, which was good for getting all payments in one place, but having to book each crossing in advance was a bit complicated. And the drivers still had to go through the manual lane to show their booking number.”

A single solution provides benefits

Håkull grew fast in its first five years in Denmark and the management decided in 2013 that it was time to enter into a tolling agreement. “Of course, the discounts we could get with a Norway Agreement were attractive. But we could also see many benefits in having a single, automatic solution,” says Andersen.

They chose Brobizz, because their solution was simpler than the others on the market. “We only have to have a bizz in each cab, and payment is completely automatic for the drivers as they pass through the express lane. And it’s all much simpler for the accounts department, as passage is paid direct with all payments are compiled under My Account.”

In fact, Håkull's Norwegian parent company decided to switch its own tolling solution to Brobizz in Denmark after a warm recommendation from its Danish subsidiary. “Given that we’d found a functional, simple solution, they might as well also take a look at it. And it turned out to be the perfect thing for them – even though there a number of other strong competitors on the Norwegian market.”

Brobizz is professional, with an excellent level of service. If there are any problems, they solve them.”

Easy administration and good service

“I think we’ve gained an excellent partner in Brobizz. They are professional, with an excellent level of service. We have our own consultants with them, who know our business and have considerable overview of the industry and the market. They ensure that we always have the best solution and contact us themselves if there are new laws or agreements we could benefit from.

We can always get hold of them and talk to someone we know, and who can quickly help us. If there are any problems, they solve them. For example, if a passage has not been registered. Normally that can be a problem, because the operator sends an invoice to the haulier, who then has to get a refund from us. When we contact Brobizz, they find a solution directly with the operator and we avoid all the hassle. That means a lot to us, saving us a lot of time.

The My Account feature certainly makes life a lot easier. We can concentrate all the tolling administration in one place. It’s easy to register or re-register a vehicle, track expenditure and trips, and to extract overviews in Excel. The data is constantly updated, so we can always see the current status and avoid having to spend unnecessary time on tolling. We just want things to work, and they do with Brobizz,” concludes Andersen.

Håkull kort fortalt

  1. International haulage business in Nørresundby.
  2. 50 trucks carrying goods to the whole of Norway.
  3. Partnered with Brobizz since 2013.
Country: Denmark
Language: English

Country: Denmark
Language: English