BroBizz er sikker betaling

BroBizz® stands for secure payment

A BroBizz is a wireless transmitter, which makes use of a debit/credit card to insure that you drive quickly through automatic tollbooths. BroBizz also ensures that your payment is automatic and secure.

A BroBizz helps you save both time and inconvenience: for example, when you have to take the ferry or drive across the bridge or through any other automated tollbooth. You also save valuable administrative time by having one single location, where you can find all details concerning your use of BroBizz: e.g. driving schedules, BroBizz number etc.

How BroBizz works.

BroBizz must always be associated with an active debit/credit card. That it is why it is important to update any information that relates to the debit/credit card: e.g. if you acquire a new one. You can do this in “My Account”, where you can also easily update other important information: e.g. the registration numbers of cars or your email address.

To facilitate the easiest passage possible, it is important to install BroBizz correctly on the car’s front windscreen.

When you pay using a BroBizz, you will automatically receive discount on bridges and ferries, and at other tollbooths. In some places, if you have a BroBizz, you can even take out a contract and get even greater discounts. However, not everyone offers discounts or contracts. 

That is why we advise you to investigate what discounts or contracts the tollbooths, which you have to drive through, may have to offer.

BroBizz works in so many places.