BroBizz® provides you with lots of benefits

A BroBizz guarantees swift and automatic payment on toll roads, bridges and ferries.

A BroBizz contract provides you with many benefits, saving you both administration and driving time:

  • Your BroBizz works in more than 50 locations: e.g. on toll roads, bridges and ferries.
  • You pay only one place – i.e. BroBizz A/S – regardless of where you use your BroBizz
  • You can choose whether the payment is made with a debit/credit card or by invoice.
  • You avoid the inconvenience of cash, local currency or debit/credit card
  • You enjoy quicker passage through tollbooths
  • You save on administrative time, since you only have a single point of contact
  • You can use “My Account” to monitor your usage, order extra devices or freeze your BroBizz, download driving schedules etc. etc.

In many places you can even get a discount, when you pay with BroBizz. In many places you can also take out a special contract and get even greater discounts. That is why we advise you to investigate what prices, discounts and contracts the tollbooths, where you will be paying with BroBizz, may have to offer.

Here are all the places, where you can use your BroBizz Business.