BroBizz® Business

Save time in your company – order a BroBizz Business right away.

BroBizz Business enables you to reach your customers quickly without having to wait in long queues for the bridge or ferry.

BroBizz is a means of payment, in which payment is made either automatically via the associated debit/credit card or via one payment request. For large companies with many cars the invoice solution is generally the most preferable, while small companies often benefit most by paying with a debit/credit card.

You can use BroBizz Business in more than 50 different locations in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Austria.

Not only does BroBizz Business save you time when driving. You also gain many administrative advantages, which makes everything easier for you.

Your BroBizz benefits

  • Drive right through tollbooths
  • You pay only one place – i.e. BroBizz A/S – regardless of where you use your BroBizz
  • Monitor your usage in “My Account”
  • Change a BroBizz registration number with ease
  • A BroBizz Business costs nothing

In many places you can even get a discount, when you pay with BroBizz. In many places you can also take out a special contract and get even greater discounts. That is why we advise you to investigate what prices, discounts and contracts the tollbooths, where you will be paying with BroBizz, may have to offer.

Here are all the places, you can use your BroBizz Business.

BroBizz Business is for companies, which have a company registration number. If you are using BroBizz for personal driving, you should have a BroBizz Private.