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Save money

Brobizz is all about automatic payment – so you save time and can enjoy some great discounts from our partners.

Easy payment on the go

You’re guaranteed a high read rate, and hence far fewer stops at toll stations – a digital world where cash and credit cards shouldn’t be needed to pay. All you have to do is drive through.

Wide range

You can use your Brobizz for everything from bridges and roads to ferries and parking. Brobizz is a quality product with a long service life – your bizz will work at least 3 years once you’ve put it in your windscreen.

Always competent advice

We take pride in giving you the best service, and our customer satisfaction shows we deliver.

Easy to manage

One point of contact. Got a problem? Contact us, we’ll sort it for you. Our digital platform makes it easy for you to administer your agreement. These platforms provide a overview of short trips and charges, the opportunity to order more products, and lots more

Many years of experience

We have a strong knowledge of the market and a great deal of know-how with tolling, thanks to our many years of experience. Ask us!

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Country: Denmark
Language: English

Country: Denmark
Language: English