BroBizz® is secure payment

A BroBizz is a wireless transmitter, which makes use of a debit/credit card to insure that you drive quickly through automatic tollbooths. BroBizz also ensures that your payment is automatic and secure.

BroBizz must always be associated with an active debit/credit card. That it is why it is important to update any information relating to the debit/credit card: for example, if you acquire a new one. You can do this in My Account, where you can also easily update other important information: for example, the registration number of your car or your email address.

BroBizz A/S works together with DIBS for all online payments. The DIBS payment system is certified in accordance with the industry standard PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standard). This standard stipulates a number of comprehensive requirements for data security with regard to payments.

To facilitate the easiest passage possible, it is important to install BroBizz correctly on the car's front windscreen.