BroBizz® Private

Order a BroBizz today and experience a sense of complete freedom, when you need to cross the bridge or take the ferry.

Order your BroBizz and cut down on your driving time, when travelling to work, visiting relatives or enjoying a driving holiday. A BroBizz enables you to travel throughout Scandinavia, making it easy to take ferries, cross bridges or drive through other tollbooths. You can even use your BroBizz to pay for parking.

Your BroBizz gives you the freedom quickly and easily to reach the mountains and fjords of Norway, the vast forests and archipelagos of Sweden and the charming towns and beautiful countryside of Denmark.

Your BroBizz benefits

Acquiring a BroBizz immediately provides you with countless benefits:

  • An end to long delays at bridges
  • Quicker ferry crossings
  • No need for credit card or cash
  • Payment for parking in several major cities
  • You can always monitor your usage in “My Account”

You can use BroBizz in more than 55 different locations in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. So it’s just a question of setting off and enjoying the journey.

If you have two cars, it is also easy to order an extra BroBizz.

Prices of BroBizz Private

Having a BroBizz does not cost you anything if/when you return your BroBizz in mint condition. Otherwise it will cost you DKK 200.

Your BroBizz only works, if it is associated with a valid credit or debit/credit card. In “My Account” you can update your debit/credit card, when you change your card or fuel card. 

In “My Account” you can also monitor your usage and update other important information: for example, the registration number of your car.

If you are using your BroBizz in your company, you must have BroBizz® Business.