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BroBizz Operatør A/S

BroBizz Operatør A/S is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BroBizz A/S.

BroBizz Operatør A/S is a subsidiary of BroBizz A/S. The company was founded on 7 December 2017 and BroBizz A/S owns 100%.

BroBizz Operatør A/S was established in accordance with the Sund & Bælt Group’s legal framework and can, on market conditions, offer the setting up, operation and maintenance of electronic toll systems.

The company thereby makes it possible to utilise the extensive knowledge and experience of setting up and operating toll stations gained within the Sund & Bælt Group from the construction and operation of the Great Belt Fixed link.

The new toll station at Crown Princess Mary’s Bridge

The company’s first assignment was to bid for the construction and operation of a toll station for Crown Princess Mary’s Bridge across the Roskilde Fjord. BroBizz Operatør A/S was awarded the assignment.  

The bridge is expected to be completed at the end of 2019 and the toll station will be Denmark’s first Free Flow toll station. This means that the toll station has been designed so that motorists will not have to reduce their speed when passing through, and there will not be any boom barriers at the station. Instead, customers will pay via online payment, Bizz device or registration plate.

More assignments in the future

BroBizz Operatør A/S can also offer other future toll stations following the establishment of user-financed infrastructure in Denmark, including other payment collection systems such as payment collection by on-board equipment, camera recording of the vehicle’s registration plate etc.