BroBizz can now be used on the Bøjden-Fynshav route

Færgen shipping line goes on the offensive against the Little Belt Bridge’s car traffic by allowing check-in and payment with BroBizz on the ferry link between Jutland and Funen.

From 1 June it will be possible to check-in and pay via BroBizz on AlsFærgen.

Many know the so-called BroBizz® from the drive between Funen and Zealand, where the Great Belt link must be taken. However, BroBizz has many other applications as a method of payment, and from 1 June the list will be extended with the ferry route between Bøjden and Fynshav. This will mean ferry transportation between Southern Jutland and Funen will be much more flexible.

- It should be simple, easy and fast to sail with AlsFærgen, because the ferry serves as an alternative to the Little Belt Bridge. That’s why we’re very well pleased that AlsFærgen will now become part of the BroBizz collaboration, because an already well-functioning solution will become integrated in the route. The possibility of using BroBizz without a prior agreement with us will, among other things, make check-in and payment much faster, says Lindy Kjøller.

Collaboration between BroBizz A/S and Færgen makes it easier to travel in Denmark

Collaboration between BroBizz A/S and shipping line Færgen intends to make it easier to travel in Denmark. So, all things being equal, it will be an advantage to be able to make use of the same automated method of payment, whether you are travelling by ferry or driving over a bridge.

BroBizz can already be used as a method of payment on a large number of ferry crossings, toll roads and bridge connections in Scandinavia, just as the solution includes airport parking at Copenhagen and Billund Airports, and street parking in a number of major European cities.

In addition to the possibility of using BroBizz on AlsFærgen, Færgen offers both cars with and without trailers, as well as motorcycles, a number of special Bizz Agreements with discounts on ticket prices depending on customers’ travel needs. Also with the introduction of the new Bizz systems, there is no need for the existing paper cards for monthly cards and 10 trip cards. These can be refunded up until 1 June 2017.

M/F Fynshav is the primary ferry on the route between Fynshav on Als and Bøjden on Funen, and was launched in 2015, which resulted in a doubling of the existing capacity. Færgen can carry 90 cars and 550 passengers and has free Wi-Fi. The crossing takes 50 minutes and takes place in beautiful and historic waters with the possibility of seeing both whales and porpoises. In order to ensure hourly operation during the daytime in the summer season, the route will be supplemented with the ferry M/F Frigg Sydfyn.

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About Færgen

Færgen is Denmark’s largest island shipping line and sails to Bornholm, Samsø, Fanø, Als, Langeland and Lolland via a total of seven different routes. Færgen is also behind the booking portal Dansk Ø-ferie (Danish Island Holidays) that gathers all the best experiences on the Danish Islands in one place, and makes it possible to book transport, accommodation and experiences from home. This is done via, among other things, so-called island-hop, where accommodation on several islands is combined and can take place during one single trip.