BroBizz A/S first with new service in Austria

From 6 November, lorry and coach customers with a new type of BroBizz in the windscreen will also be able to be invoiced for driving on toll roads in Austria. BroBizz A/S will be the first company to offer the new service called EasyGo+.


Press Release – 05.11.2013


EasyGo, the original partnership between Scandinavian countries for toll roads, bridges and ferries was launched in 2007 as a result of a directive from the EU. Eventually, this should make it possible to drive across Europe using the same OBE (On Board Equipment) device. The new collaboration accommodates four countries, Austria, Norway, Sweden and Denmark in the directive, which also means new benefits for heavy traffic between the countries.


Four countries - one invoice

EasyGo+ can be used by vehicles weighing over 3.5 tonnes, which travel between Austria, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The new service allows the use of the same OBE, a BroBizz for example, for payment in all four countries. However the existing BroBizz will need to be replaced, because each individual BroBizz will in future be linked to a specific vehicle. This is because the new OBE will contain more information than at present in order to deal with the various national rules and tax systems in the four countries.

– We are delighted to offer this new option to those of our freight and coach customers who have a need to drive in Austria. It means that they no longer require double agreements and two transponders in each vehicle. This is the whole idea behind our company: that we need to provide customers with more and more applications for BroBizz and make it easier to be a customer at the same time. 

– Since we are the only current EasyGo business partner to offer this option, we expect to be able to offer the service to Swedish and Norwegian freight and coach companies before the end of the year, says Helle Bech, CEO at BroBizz A/S.


Background and facts

  • The new EasyGo+ service will be launched on 6 November 2013 and means that all owners of vehicles over 3.5 tonnes, who want to use the new service need to replace their OBE with the new version.
  • To use EasyGo+, customers should have a specific BroBizz transponder for each vehicle. 
  • The new OBE includes more information than the original EasyGo device and ensures full compliance with European legislation on “European Electronic Toll Services” (EETS). 
  • The new EasyGo+ service is an optional service and it is up to the individual owners of vehicles over 3.5 tonnes whether they take advantage of the offer or not. 
  • Read more about EasyGo+ at BroBizz A/S at or on EasyGo’s website


Further information

Please contact CEO of BroBizz A/S, Helle Bech, on email or telephone +45 40 59 31 33.