You have an
AutoBizz from Scandlines Helsingør-Helsingborg

If you wish to continue your discount-agreement on the Helsingør-Helsingborg crossing, then you need to link a payment card to the account you have been given with BroBizz A/S. We have made a small how to guide below.

Since BroBizz A/S will handle all billing for Scandlines Helsingør-Helsinborg in the future, you have received an account with BroBizz A/S. In the e-mail or letter you’ve received from Scandlines HH. You will find a BroBizz-customer number and a one-time use password for “My Account”. You need to log in to “My Account” and register payment card information, and check, that the agreement data, transferred from Scandlines HH, to BroBizz A/S are still correct.

  • Log in to My Account with your BroBizz-customer number that starts with 50xxxxxx
  • Choose the menu My BroBizz and BroBizz Overview
  • Choose the specific bizz-number
  • Register your payment method, payment card, or fuel card
  • Then check your contact information, use the menu My Information – if the information’s aren’t correct, then please update them right away.

This means, that from December 6. You need to maintain your agreement data with BroBizz A/S and no longer with Scandlines HH. From this date, you will also have all the same advantages as a BroBizz-customer. E.g. you will be able to use your AutoBizz to park in the airports of Copenhagen and Billund and pay for passages with Fæ ferries.

Read more about places where you can use your unit

Keep in mind, that all billing for passages with the SMART-agreement on the Helsingør-Helsingborg crossing, up to and including December 5. 2016wil still be charge by Scandlines HH, via the chosen payment method.

Then your contact-information that has been transferred from Scandlines HH will be deleted. This will lead to your SMART-agreement; will be terminated on December 6. 2016.

We welcome you to BroBizz A/S.