APCOA parkering


Pay for parking with your BroBizz or PayByPlate agreement and receive a discount.

APCOA PARKING and BroBizz give you the option of using your BroBizz or PayByPlate agreement as payment method when you are parking. With BroBizz A/S, you are always guaranteed at least a five percent discount when you park at one of APCOA PARKING’s lots throughout the country. 

Note: Be aware that some of APCOA PARKING’s lots are closed and regulated by a gate. These lots are NOT covered by the agreement.

Always a discount

When you choose to pay with your BroBizz or PayByPlate agreement, you are always guaranteed a five percent discount on parking payment.

If you have other discount agreements with APCOA PARKING that give you a greater discount, e.g. a Tivoli agreement, you will automatically receive the greatest possible discount when you pay via your agreement with BroBizz A/S.

Use the APCOA FLOW app

To pay for parking at APCOA PARKING you need to register as a user in the app APCOA FLOW, and in connection with parking payment you can then select your BroBizz or PayByPlate agreement as payment method.

Payment with APCOA PARKING is both for BroBizz customers and PayByPlate customers.

Note: The payment is made directly in the APCOA FLOW app. Therefore, you do not need to have your BroBizz in the windscreen when you are entering the parking lot.


  • Download the app APCOA FLOW, where you normally download apps to your smartphone.
  • Register as a user in APCOA FLOW
  • For parking: Select BroBizz A/S as payment method (*)
  • Select the agreement with BroBizz you wish to pay with
  • The payment for parking will automatically be charged to the selected agreement
  • APCOA PARKING payments will appear in the statement of your trips in the BroBizz app and My Account

(*) If you have multiple agreements with BroBizz A/S, they will all appear in APCOA FLOW. You therefore have the option of selecting the specific agreement you wish to pay with.

Here you can park

Read more about the possibilities for BroBizz and PayByPlate customers with APCOA's app, APCOA FLOW.

Collaboration with Billund Airport as before

APCOA PARKING operates, among other things, parking at Billund Airport, where you have been able to pay for parking with BroBizz for many years. The agreement and all its content continue as before. The new collaboration with APCOA PARKING simply expands the parking offers from BroBizz A/S.

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