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Brobizz A/S works in partnership with a wide range of bridges, toll roads, ferries, etc. in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Austria.


Brobizz A/S is part of the EasyGo partnership, which makes it possible to use Brobizz® for bridges, ferries and toll roads in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Austria. The EasyGo partnership includes:

  • Storebælt Bridge
  • Øresund Bridge
  • Alslinjen (Ferry)
  • Langelandslinjen (Ferry)
  • Scandlines Denmark (Ferries Rødby – Puttgarden, Gedser – Rostock)
  • Øresundslinjen (Ferry Helsingør-Helsingborg)
  • Molslinjen (Ferries Odden – Aarhus, Odden – Ebeltoft)
  • Læsøfærgen (Ferry)
  • Norwegian Public Roads Administration (Norway)
  • Swedish Transport Agency (Sweden)
  • ASFINAG (Austria) – vehicles over 3.5 tonnes

Other partners

Brobizz A/S has a number of partners at present.

Brobizz A/S has entered into agreements concerning the use of Brobizz for access control at a number of restricted car parks sush as the Port of Kolding.

Brobizz benefits for local partners

  • Exposure to more than 600,000 Brobizz customers
  • New opportunities offered to customers (Brobizz payment, subscription)
  • Enhanced service levels for customers
  • All agreement and vehicle data is maintained by a single party, all administration takes place in a single location
  • Option of offering Brobizz customers special discount agreements
  • Faster, easier use for access
  • Simplified settlement and less credit risk
  • Savings on transport facility operations and option to increase capacity

Would you like to become a partner?

We’re constantly working on expanding our circle of partners.

You’re welcome to get in touch with Brobizz A/S to discuss partnership options.

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Language: English